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Featured Work

Dr. Yvonne Weekes 
Writer. Arts Educator. Academic 

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PhD Education, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus


Post Graduate Diploma in Arts & Cultural Enterprise Management (Distinction), The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus


M.Ed, The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus


Advanced Certificate in Voice and Speech in Drama Education, The Central School of Speech & Drama, UK.


B.A. English and Drama, Middlesex University, UK.


Certificate in Education, Stockwell College of Education, Kent, UK.

Featured Work:

  • Newton Unsilenced: Narratives Imagined. Edited Yvonne Weekes. Barbados. Drama Konnections. 2023. 

  • “Building Consciousness through EthnoDrama: A Case Study” In Journey Around Myself: Crossing Borders Strengthening Connections Breaking Boundaries in the Caribbean Cultural Ecology. Edited by Suzanne Burke. Jamaica: Ian Randle Publications. 2023, 277-288

  • Doing research differently: bringing art and science together in Caribbean Educational Research Journal Volume 7, Issue 1, December 2022, 96 – 110.  

  • “First Journey” A Poem in Liberation Begins in the Imagination: Writings on Caribbean British Art. By David A Bailey and Allison Thompson. Tate Publishing. 2021


  • Voices: Monologues and Dramatic Texts for Caribbean Actors.  House of Nehesi Publishing Foundation, 2021.


  • Pandemic Moments, a collection of poems by Yvonne Weekes and Howard Fergus. Fergus Publications, 2021. 


  • Poems (pp.138-139) in “Caribbean Childhood Traumas and Triumphs” in Interviewing the Caribbean Vol 5 UWI Press, 2020.


  • Nomad. collection of poems House of Nehesi Publishing Foundation. 2019.


  • Poems (pp.115 - 116) in A “Woman Was Harassed Here” in Interviewing the Caribbean. Vol 2. No 2. Spring 2017


  • “Studying Theatre Arts: Students Speak” in The Caribbean Examiner, Vol. 15, No. 1, 2017. p. 28 – 29.


  • “The Impact of Theatre on the Development of Self-Esteem: A Barbados Scenario” in Jonkonnu Arts Journal, Vol 3, 2017. p.34 – 43.


  • “Landship: Ghost or Immemorial Memory” in Paloscia R., Morbidoni, M. and Spellucui S. (eds.) Caribbean Unveiled. The Caritalents Youth and Territory Project in Barbados and Dominica, Didapress, 2017. p.113-118.


  • “Diaspora Speaks” in Wadabagei: A Journal of the Caribbean and its Global Diaspora, Vol. 1, No. 1, Fall 2016. p. 113 – 131.


  • “Blue Soap” (pp 11-161) a play in Contemporary CARIBBEAN Plays Emancipation Moments. Compiled and Edited by Rawle Gibbons. UWI Open Campus. 2010.


  • Volcano, a memoir about the Montserrat volcano. Peepal Tree Press. 2006.


  • Poems (pp. 102 – 106) The Hole & Other Barbadian Poems and Short Stories: A Winning Words Anthology. Foundation Publishing, 2004.

  • Short Story “Red Panties” (p. 59 – 61) in Cave Hill Literary Annual No. 6, December, 2004.

  • Four Poems and a Short Story (p. 32-33; 41-42; 45-47; 230-235) in Charting the Journey: Writings by Black and Third World Women. Edited by Shabnam Grewal, Jackie Kay, Liliane Landor, Gail Lewis and Pratibha Parmar. Sheba Feminist Publishers. 1988.

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